Business Valuation by Certified Appraisers

We specialize only in business valuations and are not involved in the sale of the business . Therefore any valuation is done at arm's length without any ulterior motive or potential conflict of interest. A business appraiser's opinion should be totally independent in order to maintain credibility. The appraiser is not an employee nor the advocate or agent of the business being valued.

We value corporations, both Chapter C and S, partnerships and professional practices. Keystone Corporation understands and respects the confidentiality of all information submitted to it and will not disclose such information with out the company's written permission unless as a result of the rule of law or by an order of the court. Keystone serves accountants, tax attorneys and small business owners and will absolutely not be involved in selling your business.

  • Peter Louis's specialization is in Business Valuation Service and formerly specialized in mergers, acquisitions and divestitures
  • He practiced as an Attorney and Conveyancer of the Supreme Court of South Africa, specializing in corporate law. Immigrating to the United States, he became in-house counsel to an international company with sales in excess of $4 billion.
  • A former two-term president and founder of the Florida Business Brokers Association.
  • He has also received certification as a Certified Florida Business Intermediary, as well as a Certified Business Counselor from the Institute of Certified Business Counselors.
  • He is a licensed Real Estate Broker in California and was previously licensed in the State of Florida.
  • He is an associate member of the American Bar Association.
  • Keystone Corporation and Peter Louis have been involved in the merger or acquisition of businesses the total of which exceeds $100. mm.
  • Neither Peter Louis nor Keystone Corporation are presently involved in merger or acquisitions and specialize in business valuations for small and medium size businesses.

Since 1999 Peter Louis has been involved in Business Valuations for accountants, tax attorneys and financial advisors as well as business management. Today we provide the highest quality valuations for.

  • The conversion from a Chapter C Corporation to Chapter S Corporation.
  • For the sale of the business of the company.
  • For the donation/sale of all or part of the corporate stock
  • For the valuation of a minority interest in the company either for a donation or because of a shareholder's dispute.
  • For estate or gift planning.
  • For litigation support
  • For bank requirements
  • For personal financial and succession planning.
  • For partnership disputes.

A well-documented business valuation is critical in achieving your business objectives. Our many years of experience and research allow the valuation to withstand outside scrutiny. In creating the report, we consider all material aspects in order to arrive at a Fair Market Value.


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